IN THE GALLERY: Wresting With the Angel

jacob-wrestling-with-the-angel-1866 -- 2.jpg

The above artwork by Gustave Dore depicts the same scene as the artwork
by Alexander Louis Leloir provided below :  “Jacob Wrestling With the Angel”.  The controversial Biblical story in chapter 32 of Genesis relates Jacob’s encounter with an angel, and has had a variety of interpretations through time and circumstance.


The story is a depiction of Jacob’s personality (the genesis of Activity – the “lower self” — and its nature of individuated Ego) wrestling with his own character (the genesis of
Performance – the “higher self” — and its nature of individuated Will).

This struggle in context of human duality is typical of the human being, a mainstay of
individuated cognitive dissonance, and often considered sum-and-substance of the
human mission statement.  For the Enterprising Spirit, the scope of work is reconciling — or unifying — the two ends of the duality continuum, or similarly stated the two sides of the same coin.

PERSONALITY                                         CHARACTER
Activity                                                      Performance
Ego as forced driver                              Will as driving force
Physical base                                          Metaphysical base
Left Brain tendency                              Right Brain tendency
Yang                                                           Ying
Bottom-Up Continuum                      Top-Down Continuum
Lower self of Singularity                     Higher self of Singularity
Exoteric                                                     Esoteric
Instinct-driven                                       Intuition-driven
External Spectrum                                Internal Spectrum

Note well that the nature of duality itself is not saliently dissimilar to the Double Helix of DNA; in fact, they are in the accord of correspondence.

Contrary to many popular interpretations regarding the situation and outcome of the
particular wrestling match depicted in the artwork, the angel “won”….



One thought on “IN THE GALLERY: Wresting With the Angel

  1. In response to various comments and emails, the following may establish a fair distinction as regards a couple concepts and contexts: It is the Ego that is programmed to effort at survival, because it “knows” nothing aside from Itself, and thus puts itself at the center of the universe it has the reductionist, limited capacity to “know” (via Instinct, functioning “Bottom-Up”). It is from the Ego that all Evil is derivative, and a reconstituted form of Good. Whereas, the Enterprising Spirit “knows” of its infinity, and thus survival is essentially a non-issue (via Intuition, functioning “Top-Down”). Infinite Good invariably overcomes what may be considered finite Evil — it is akin to the Law of Gravity, only it functions in reverse energetic flow of Gravity. Please feel free to post questions, perspectives, disagreement. Thank you for your consideration!

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