Out Where the Four Winds Meet

6a00d8341dd33453ef0120a77e0560970b-piThe whirling dervish out where the four winds meet

Meredith Nicholson

From homes beyond the farthest space
The winds come to their trysting-place.
Swiftly from north, east, south and west
Assembled on some lonely crest,
Or gathered where the murmuring pines
Have summoned them by secret signs,
They tell of journeys oyer seas
And whisper of earth’s mysteries.
They know why strong sap-currents sing
Through northern trees in earliest spring,
And why bold flowers put bravely forth
In snowy woodlands of the north.
Such things he learns whose guided feet
May find the place where four winds meet.

It is not true the winds are foes,
Though some bring buds and some bring snows;
For they divide the earth’s estate
As friendly kings might arbitrate,
And each is sovereign any hour
The mighty land is in its power.
They find delight in bold surprise
And would defeat man’s prophecies.
Ships put not forth, seeds are not sown
Until the favoring gales have blown;
The destinies of nations wait
The winds that ruin or create.
These secret things he learns whose feet
May find the place where four winds meet.

Through summer woods at night’s high tide
Lone winds from far horizons ride,–
So quickly gone, so faint of wing,
Ear scarce may catch their whispering.
And no one knows from what far home
Those idle messengers may roam,
Nor any more may seek to gain
Their purpose from the weather-vane!
But swift those tides unchallenged flow
Where only silent trees bend low —
A stir of leaves, a sudden hush
A thrill runs through the underbrush,
Then, he who runs with winged feet,
May find the place where four winds meet.

Now I have sped in many a race
To find this secret trysting-place;
North, east, south, west have I been led,
Sometimes in hope but oft in dread,
Fearing to pause yet scorning rest,
Pursuing ceaselessly my quest,
For, whether on the land it be
Or foamy meadow of the sea
I find at last the tryst, lo, there
The tyrant captains of the air
Shall yield to me each plot and plan
By which they rule the world, and man
Thenceforth may walk with careless feet,
Indifferent where the four winds meet.


celtic crossCeltic cross demonstrating where the four winds meet


North:  Intuition
East:     Intellect
West:    Emotion
South:  Instinct


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