Michele Zackheim’s TENT OF MEETING



Michele Zackheim’s Tent of Meeting project was completed in 1985, and had a limited
exhibition tour in 1986.  Since then, the Tent of Meeting has been in storage in the
southwest region of the United States of America.  It was recently assembled briefly and then re-packed and returned to storage.  The Tent of Meeting is reportedly in essentially pristine condition.

I had the privilege of experiencing the Tent of Meeting in 1986 when it was exhibited in
Minneapolis.  It is a powerful work of art, had a tremendous impact on me, and I have never forgotten it.

Here’s hoping it finds a home of permanent exhibition from whence to share its glorious light of love and inspiration as well as its mystical reflection of the fellowship of all
enterprising spirits.

All best regards, Michael

Visit the artist’s website
to learn about and view this profound work of art:


One thought on “Michele Zackheim’s TENT OF MEETING

  1. UPDATE: There was a potential permanent home in the works, but that fell through. This is unfortunate if not tragic. The world needs the Tent of Meeting on exhibition, not crated and bundled up in a storage facility. Here’s to hoping and praying the perfect solution soon emerges! AMEN!

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