The first eight installment posts of At the Gateway have been compiled in the tab AT THE GATEWAY, and the eight installment posts removed.


Much shrift, gyration, circle-jerking, and cluster-huckstering has been expended through the course of time regarding the determination and attempted justification and aggregate of various hypothetical, potential, and seemingly infinite hybrid permutations of the four core principles as well as the corresponding four platforms, models, or Constitutions available to an individual and enterprise and employee.  These four Constitutions are identified and explored in Gateway of the Enterprising Spirit as C-O, C-A, C-I, and C-P, corresponding to Inspiration, Conception, Formulation, and Actuation respectively.

    33 GL                                           33 GL                                  33 GL
1 Inspiration                               C-O                                       Organizationize
2 Conception                              C-A                                        Aggregate
3 Formulation                            C-I                                         Individuate
4 Actuation                                  C-P                                       Personalize

There are major industries that put forward such formulas and variables via permutations of the four Constitutions.  That collectively equates to everybody and their siblings believing they have a better mousetrap.  For the enterprise, this industry takes the form of, for example, business consultants, business coaches, or corporate turnarounds.  For the employee, this industry takes the form of, for example, professional coaches and psychologists and human resources department.

Be as may, given the unadulterated core construct of the four principles and analogued four Constitutions as variously explored at 33 Gateway Lane, each enterprise and/or employee with rare and definable exception embodies in theory and practice one of four platforms, models, or archetypal orientations characterized as Constitutions.


It is recommended here that playing chess and playing the ponies may be more value-added efforts than to fiddle-farte with subjective, abstracted permutations and other conflagrated considerations regarding the fourfold phased process.  Necessitated requirements of following rules vis-a-vis playing chess or the ponies is more explicit and overt in the spirit of play and recreation.  The Achilles Heel of fiddle-farte effort results, of course, in reductionism and consequent reductionist points-of-view and subsequent subjective activity accordingly.  “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”  Equally stated:  “Your arms are too short to box with God.”

Such extraneous effort can be expended and endless hours of fun and challenge be had by toying with and rearranging the four Elements, mixing and matching as time and tide prefer, often in a mischievous effort to invalidate, for example, the nature of hierarchy.  This mischief generally follows commonplace intentionality of creating chaos out of order.  But curiosity killed the cat.  It can be considered a vulgar, undesirable observation, but it is an apt one, that Time neither creates victims nor takes prisoners.  We accomplish those pomp antics all on our own, and Time represents the geography for such activities.

On the other hand, one is at liberty to opine that it is always possible that such mischief may be a worthy endeavor.


Whatever intent and circumstances are in play at any given time, most certainly the Law of Entropy will prevail and the enterprising spirit will at some point in time follow the trajectory of that which has been ineluctable action ever since what is called Original Creation:  ORDO AB CHAO.

Chapter 4 will start in the next installment post of At the Gateway.


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