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There has been a lot of remodeling at the 33 Gateway Lane Performing Arts Center, Learning Center, and Resource Center.  Material will continue to evolve, so you’re encouraged to stop by often.  If you have any recommendations for inclusion, feel free to send a Comment or email and they’ll be duly considered.


Yes, there is an “animal heaven” and “animal reincarnation”.  These concepts emerged to me over 30 years ago.  The concepts have continued to make more sense to me since then in light of experience with such matters and increasing understanding of physics and metaphysics.  There are a few salient points to be made about this subject:

1.  Since animal vibrational frequency differs from human vibrational frequency, be aware that it isn’t like animal Spirits and human Spirits can hang out together in the same “heaven”.  Human Spirits enroute can “cross paths” with animal Spirits.

2.  It is not unusual for a Spirit of a wild or domesticated animal that passed on to hang around an earth environment  that has been harmonious and congenial for it, for at least awhile.  “Pet ghosts”?!  Of course.

3.  While animals don’t have a soul similar to humans, they do have a binding energetic of Spirit and therefore can reincarnate to coincide with, for example, congenial or cathected human Spirit incarnation.

For always remember — when it comes to personal growth, relationships, animals, situations, yourself, dynamics, people, or some combination thereof:  Energetics of Spirit are predicated upon and commensurate to the functionality of affinities.

So if you firmly believe you have had the Spirit of your beloved Barney the beagle in your life before, or you are convinced you will encounter the Spirit of your dear departed Trixie the tabby in the future — GOOD ON YA! like my Texas pals say.  Do not let some irrational person or fruitcake bully talk you out of that perspective.  It is your Enterprising Spirit that is comprehending the truth of the matter.

Whether your beloved Barney will do a better job retrieving balls next time around than he is currently doing this time around is quite another matter.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
There are always many questions and comments submitted to 33 Gateway Lane.  Here are some questions, comments, and response perspectives pulled from 33 Gateway Lane email correspondence.

> How did 33 Gateway Lane come about?  It emerged as a viable portal that might be a little assistance or point of reference to some people who are out and about as active learners.  There are so many avenues to wander (or stride) down in our information age!  Maybe 33 Gateway Lane could offer a bit of a worthy angle on various topics and perhaps provide a useful bit of information, perspective, or a helpful finger pointing in a potentially advantageous direction for a person to check out.  There are no hidden agendas at 33 Gateway Lane.  It’s to be a gateway of service for information, perspective, communion — with fun mixed in, of course!  The motto of 33 Gateway Lane is ORDO AB CHAO — order out of chaos — which serves in concert with the 33 Gateway Lane slogan of “a gateway for the enterprising spirit who is learning to live by living to learn”.

escaped-balloon> What is your religion or spiritual practice?  Philosophically I’m linked into the perennial philosophy.  Psychologically I am a proponent of Jung’s Analytical Psychology which is aptly and deftly at work in the mainstream in the form of MBTI and other personality/typology platforms.  I study the Bible.  I’ve been a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation for a couple decades or so , and I’m an avid student of Kabbalah.

I adamantly believe some configuration of consistent, structured religious and spiritual practices is imperative.  Otherwise, it’s just superficial airy fairy flitting around fussing egotistically about being right.  Nothing much sticks in that vacuous arena except incessant desire for affirmation of self-righteousness and validation for being self-indulgently self-absorbed.

> Does it matter what religion a person belongs to?  No.  The religions and wisdom traditions are simply different journeys to the same destination.  It’s often recommended to continue with the religion you were raised in, which makes tremendous sense.  But issues like the “wounded Catholic” scenario are real and are recognized.  So to quote my former mentor Dr. Huston Smith, who knew more about such matters in his time than pretty much anybody:  “There are many reliable paths.  The important thing is to pick one.”

It’s very trendy now to disavow affiliation with religion and other disciplines — because one considers oneself “spiritual”.   Often that vantage point goes hand-in-glove with the attitude that “religions have caused the problems on earth”.   Really?  All such gyration just sounds to me like a collective excuse to be flaky, detached, and egocentric.  It only proves, to paraphrase Emerson, how narrowly such people have learned.

> I’ve heard everybody is psychic.  Is that true?  Everybody has the Sixth Sense — which is commonly known as the psychic ability — along with the traditional Five Senses.  Most of the time, the Sixth Sense simply hasn’t been developed in any way commensurate with the Five Senses because the Sixth Sense is not exoterically validated as part of our accepted dynamic of growth and reality.  However, that validation has dramatically increased over the years and is continuing to evolve — a terrific thing!

A common major misperception by many people is that the Sixth Sense is simply Instinct in action.  That significant material err merits reconsideration.  The Sixth Sense is a primary conduit for Intuition.  Intuition is at the opposite end of the spectrum from egocentric Instinct.  Instinct has as a primary conduit the traditional Five Senses.  Intuition (and the Sixth Sense) is esoteric-centric — from in to outward energetic; instinct (and the Five Senses) is exoteric-centric — from out to inward energetic.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we had planned, so as to have the life that is waiting.     –Joseph Campbell




HERMES, the protean messenger and Greek God of Roads and many other notions, with the Caduceus (“herald staff”) which symbolizes, among a plethora of other concepts and contexts, the binding of the opposites of duality, and the twists and turns on the path of life.


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