Have Ox, Will Fish

Comments Regarding Readership Response to
“Taming the Wild Ox”

Crane Lake, Minnesota

Thank you to everyone for comments and questions regarding “Taming the Wild Ox”. Keep them coming; I will continue responding to all!

Most surprising is the overwhelming response to my point regarding the effort for mastery of ego as opposed to absence of ego. Considering the plethora of comments and questions targeting that one concept, it appears prudent to anticipate a more detailed post in the future that is focused on that particular point.  Meantime, it is noted here that the title for the ancient adventure is “Taming the Wild Ox”. It is not “Slaying the Wild Ox” or “Sending the Ox to Hog Heaven”.

And yes, insecurity and false modesty are functions of ego.

The Western vantage point and popular conceptions about ego are utterly, egregiously fouled up and distorted — singularly due to that master fraud and egotist, Freud and his bogus legacy of Freudian Psychology. Fully 40 years ago when I first learned a little about Freud, I had an immediate negative reaction to that little fella. The passing years have resulted in greater clarity and detail regarding my intense negative attitude about him, and frankly my disdain has commensurately deepened.  Through time, he has been publicly debunked and exposed as a fake and egomaniac. For those interested in such matters, I recommend “Freud: What’s Left?” by Frederick Crews, an article in the February 23, 2017 edition of The New York Times Review of Books.

Be that mess as it may, readers at 33 Gateway Lane may recall the concept of the Top-Down/Bottom-Up Continuum. Shortcutting to the point of the matter, mastery of the ego is attained only via Top-Down processing. Ego is affirmed, validated, empowered, and further manifest in it’s “driver” capacity by Bottom-Up processing.  Freudian psychology is a Bottom-Up processing platform with a negative polarity, whereas Jungian psychology is a Top-Down processing platform with a positive polarity.

As otherwise explored at 33 Gateway Lane, it is noted here that Bottom-Up processing is egocentric, resulting in intensification of extant negative karma brought in from previous lifetimes and/or creation of negative karma.  Bottom-Up is walking backwards into intensifying isolation.  Top-Down processing is soul-centered, the platform for rectification of extant negative karma brought in from previous lifetimes and/or creation of positive karma.  Top-Down is walking forwards into intensifying individuation.

Discerning readers will thus recognize that the enchanting and mightily challenging “Taming the Wild Ox” odyssey is the Top-Down version of the Top-Down/Bottom-Up Continuum.

Many readers reasonably inquired as to why the hell we need ego anyway. What “good” is it?  Well.  We need ego.  The ego is our human survival mechanism. It anchors our enterprising spirit in our current physical human incarnation here on terra firma. For many enterprising spirits, however, their individual anchor determines when, where, and for how long they are going to be anchored into a location, situation, behavioral pattern. That’s like a case of the inmates running the asylum, where the anchor runs the ship.  That seems rather perverse doesn’t it?  The enterprising spirit in the guise of captain of his ship is to determine when, where, and how long to drop anchor — not the anchor determining when, where, for how long it will in effect hold the ship hostage.

Have you ever gone fishing in a small boat, rowing with oars out on a lake? When you finally find the spot where the fish are biting, you drop anchor so the boat will be held in that prime location where you can hopefully catch breakfast, lunch, and maybe even dinner.  Once as a young kid I found the spot where the fish were biting only to discover I did not have an anchor. My frustration was fueled by the windy day.

“You always need your anchor, you damn fool!” I berated myself as this Michael rowed his boat ashore.

We all need that “anchor”, that common core of humanity.  However, it is only by way of our enterprising spirit in action that one can manifest that common core as humane.  Or “tame”, as one may prefer.

Thank you again, and all best regards!



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